Hey there! I’m Brandi. For most of my life, I was labeled a “skinny girl.” Growing up, I was rail, thin. I have always LOVED food and have never had issues with not wanting to eat, but I was still skinny. During my adulthood, I started putting on additional weight. I never worked out, never consciously watched what I ate, and my metabolism began to catch up with me. By most standards (medically and the personal opinion of others) I was still considered “skinny.” I decided I wanted to do something about it.

I became more active in the gym. I had a gym membership that I had been paying for but hadn’t been using. I started researching healthy ways to eat and how the body processes various types of food.  I began to cook my own meals that were healthy, yet delicious. I wanted to hold on to the feeling of being able to indulge in food and still love it. I did not want to give up being a “foodie” for the sake of being healthy. It’s my belief you can have both.

Seven years later, I am proud to say I am no longer that “skinny girl.” I weigh more today than I did then. I have more muscle. My body is more toned and has definition. I look in the mirror each day, and I love the image I see.

My philosophy is everyone has their own personal definition and expectation of what looks good. It’s relative to them. I love the term SNATCHED. It’s a fun way to become motivated and stay fixated on what your goals are. My goal is to share my ideas, recipes, and what I do to STAY SNATCHED.