Spinach Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken 

perfect for weeknight dinners

This indulgent dish marries the tenderness of chicken breast with the richness of gooey melted cheese, creating the best combo of tastes and textures. This meal is perfect for both casual weeknight dinners and elegant gatherings. 👉


– Skinless chicken breasts  – Olive oil – Spinach  – Cream cheese  – Grated cheddar cheese – Grated mozzarella cheese – Smoked paprika *all ingredients listed below

Step 1

Place the chicken breast on a clean flat surface. Slice and butterfly the chicken breast.

Step 2

Combine cream cheese, spinach, and grated cheese. Stuff the cheese mixture into the chicken.

Step 3

Season the chicken with the spices. Bake for 20-30 minutes. Cut each breast in half and serve.