Air Fryer Bacon Egg Cups

Easy and Healthy Breakfast

Need a quick and healthy breakfast idea?  Try these Egg Bite Cups!  A low carb, protein rich start to your day.  Plus - you can use them in meal prep! 👉


– Eggs – Heavy whipping cream  – Chopped green peppers – Chopped onions – Chopped fresh spinach – Cheddar cheese – Mozzarella cheese – Cooked and crumbled bacon * ALL ingredient details below

Step 1

Add the eggs to a large mixing bowl. Add in the cream, salt and pepper to taste. Whisk to combine.

Step 2

Sprinkle in the green peppers, red peppers, onions, spinach, cheeses, and bacon. Combine.

Step 3

Pour the egg mixture into each of the silicone molds. Sprinkle in the remaining half of all of the veggies.

Step 4

Cook the egg bites cups for 12-15 minutes on 300 degrees.

serve & enjoy!

serve & enjoy!